exam1 - winding a Draw the developed diagram for the...

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ECE 610 Exam 1, September 30, 2010 1.For the system shown, a 10 V DC voltage is applied, and the resulting current is , where is the winding inductance and the winding resistance. The airgap is fixed at 1 mm. Neglect leakage inductance. a) Determine . (5 pts) b) Determine , at s. (10 pts) c) Where is stored in this system? (3 pts) d) There is a force of attraction between the iron parts that acts to try to reduce the mm airgap. Determine the value of this force at s. (10 pts) 2. A system with 2 windings is operating with the following flux linkage versus current relation- ship. The resistance of the windings is and , respectively. a) Derive a T-equivalent circuit model of this sytem. Show all component values. Label directions of all currents and voltages. (10 pts) b) If , determine . (5 pts) i 1 e r L -- t = L r L W f W c t 2 = W f 1 t 2 = λ 1 0.001 ( 29 i 2 = λ 2 0.0003 ( 29 0.003 + ( 29 i 2 = r 1 0.1 = r 2 0.3 = I 2 100 377 t ( 29 cos = V 1 ˜
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3.Given the machine cross section is shown below. The 2 coils are series tied to form a b-phase
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Unformatted text preview: winding. a) Draw the developed diagram for the b-phase MMF. (10 pts) b) How many poles does this machine have? Explain briefly. (5 pts) c) Based upon your understanding of where would you wrap a coil such that you obtain the maximum electric field due to time-changing current in the b-phase winding? Explain briefly. Draw the coil on the figure and label it ‘maximum E coil’. (5 pts) 4. A 3-phase machine has the stator windings energized such that , , . You run around the stator counterclockwise at 45 rad/s. As you are running, you always observe the peak airgap flux density of 1 T. Plot the flux density you would see if you stopped and held yourself fixed at that position on the stator over 1 electrical cycle of time ( s). (10 pts) E ∇× t d d B – = i as 90 t ( 29 cos = i bs 90 t 2 π 3------– cos = i cs 90 t 2 π 3------+ cos = 2 π 90------...
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exam1 - winding a Draw the developed diagram for the...

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