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hw1cor - clusions regarding the location of energy storage...

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ECE 610 -HW#1, Due September 1, 2011 1. A general expression for the energy in a magnetic system (volumetric) is . a) Derive an expression for the total energy in a volume assuming the material is isotropic and that . Express the energy in terms of . Subsequently, express the energy in terms of . b) Use the expression in a) to compute the energy stored in the iron of the system shown in Figure 1.P-1, assuming the coils are energized to ramp the flux density from 0 to 0.8 T. Assume the rela- tive permeability of the material is 3000 and that the flux density is uniform throughout the mate- rial. c) Assume a 1 mm airgap is cut in the material. The flux density in the core is 0.8 T. Compute the ratio of the energy stored in the airgap versus that stored in the iron. From the results, draw con-
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Unformatted text preview: clusions regarding the location of energy storage in magnetic systems. 2) For the system shown in Figure 1.P-1, describe when it is valid to assume the effect of can be neglected. If it cannot be neglected, what circuit components might be used to represent its effect and where would these be placed on the diagram? 3) Determine the reluctance of the magnetic component shown below. Assume a relative perme-ability of 1000. 4) Problems 1 and 3 in Chapter 1 of KWS. Note in Problem 3, Ll2 = 0.1L11. m H H B d ⋅ ∫ = J m 3------B μ H = H B dD dt-------φ φ 2 cm 4 cm 2 cm 1 cm cross section of tube...
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