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EE610 HW#8- Due Wed Nov. 2nd 2011 1) A wound-rotor synchronous machine is operated as a generator. The turbine provides a fixed input power of - kW. v. The machine is connected to a utility grid which has a volt- age (b- and c- displaced by 120 degrees). mH, , mH, negligible, . a) Determine , b)If is doubled, what happens to and ? 2) Given a reluctance motor with negligible, H, H, H, rad/s. V, P=2. Nm a)Determine , 3) Given the steam turbine machine parameterized in Table 5.10-2. The field current excitation is
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Unformatted text preview: initially set to provide rated voltage under open-circuit conditions at rated rotor speed. The machine is then connected into the utility system and the steam valve is opened to provide 800 MW of power. Will the machine synchronize? Explain why or why not. 1 V fd ′ r 1 = V as 220 377 t ( 29 cos = L mq L md 10 = = r fd ′ 0.1 = Ω L ls L lfd ′ 1 = = r s = P 4 = δ I as V fd ′ r T e I as r s L md 0.25 = L mq 0.05 = L ls 0.01 = ϖ b ϖ e 2 π 100 ( 29 = = V s 400 = T l 4.0 = I as V as...
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