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Syllabus for Examsfall10

Syllabus for Examsfall10 - Syllabi for Exams in Fall 10...

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Syllabi for Exams in Fall 10 Exam 1: September 16, 6.30—7.30pm Lectures 1—6 Organization of Human body; Chemical level of Organization; Cellular level of Organization; Integumentary and Skeletal system. Labs 1—3 Introduction to Human Design; Histology1/; Histology 2/skin. Exam 2: October 14, 8—9 pm Lectures 7—13 Muscle Tissue, Nervous Tissue Labs 4—6 Diffusion, Osmosis, Tonicity; Bone/Muscles and Movement; Muscle Physiology Exam 3: November 16, 8—9 pm Lectures 14—20 Spinal cord and Spinal nerves; Brain and Cranial nerves; Sensory, Motor Systems &
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