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Chapter 12 Introduction Scenario Advertising is not dead, but is thriving in some places and struggling in others Further, advertising has merged, morphed, and meaningfully mingles with all sorts of other forms of brand communication Very Important Changes The 15% ad agency media commission system is gone, replaced by fee-for-service basis New media options have been springing up with a blurring of the line between PR and advertising, o Lots of news stories are being written by marketers Ad agencies have become leaner operations since becoming publicly traded companies o In the ad world, the two quickest routes to greater short-term profit are to 1) fire staff or 2) to make more money on fees and media buys Globalization is becoming more and more the wave of the present Free content via the internet is threatening traditional media Consumers are generating content like ads Consumers are increasingly in control and have more power via information available using the internet Hyper ad clutter is more of a concern when consumers have ways of avoiding it (e.g., TiVo type devices) Two biggest consumer changes spawned by the internet: o Deal-proneness and price/cost transparency The implications of marketing a brand in an environment of transparency are huge The Big Pie Above-The-Line Promotion: traditional measured media advertising (ex: TV, radio, magazines, outdoor) Below-The-Line Promotion: everything else (desirable retail shelving, in-store promotions, coupons, and events) o Referred to as unmeasured media Of total pie of everything that companies spend to promote their brands: o Above the line—with measured = 56% o Below the line—unmeasured = 44% Growing at the expense of the measured In class, Murphy talks about the migration of dollars away from traditional adv to PR Media Planning Media planning requires creativity and strategic thinking Media Plan : specifies the media in which advertising messages will be placed to reach the desired
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Ch 12 Book Notes - Chapter 12 Introduction Scenario...

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