Ch 14 Book Notes - Chapter 16 Media Planning Advertising...

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Chapter 16: Media Planning: Advertising and IBP on the Internet Intro Scenario: Miss Sprint Cup Excellent example of a brand using social media to attract consumers online to voluntarily interact (pull strategy) with a brand based on the consumer’s own personal interests “When a message shows up on Facebook or Twitter, it is more part of ‘life’ and seem less like corporate speak” social media avoid ad clutter and consumers’ natural resistance to ad messages plus it is “free” in terms of media expense! No Wires Means New Rules Web advertising has become a powerful and rapidly expanding ad option with paid search leading the way ($17/30 billion = 57% of total digital/interactive advertising volume = paid search) This explains Google’s success WiFi is the key driving the future 3 innovative technologies: o WiMax (25-30 mile hotspot) o Mobile-fi (Mi-Fi) o Ultrabroadband What are Pepsi and BMW cited as examples of? The Internet will not be replacing all other forms of advertising o It is not likely that the biggest spenders on advertising and promotion will use the Internet as the main method of communicating with target audiences Things are changing dramatically regarding all aspects of the Internet Globalization Russia is developing an enormous WiMax network that will open up the Internet to millions o JHM* says think about the potential effect of this technology on movements toward democracy and social justice in Russian culture o Will Russians friend and tweet Miss Sprint Cup?
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Ch 14 Book Notes - Chapter 16 Media Planning Advertising...

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