Ch 15 Book Notes - CHAPTER 15: Sales Promotion, Point of...

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CHAPTER 15: Sales Promotion, Point of Purchase Advertising, and Support Media Intro Scenario GPS location-based promotions are timely and potent IBP tool E-reader/Starbucks o You’re reading the news in your home on your e-reader and an ad pops up on the screen for a $1 off coupon you can use at Starbucks which is only 2 blocks from your house—the e-reader knows this Placecast “geo-fence” o Companies like Placecast “geo-fence” retals locations and once a consumer opts- in to the program, Placecast will send offers to mobile devices once a consumer is within a determined radius of a retail location Sales Promotion Defined Sales Promotion: Use of incentive techniques that create a perception of greater brand value among consumers, the trade, and business buyers. o Intent: to generate a short-term increase in sales by motivating trial use, encouraging larger purchases, or stimulating repeat purchases. 3 types of Sales Promotion o Consumer market Sales o Trade-Market sales Promotion o Business-Market Sales Promotion Role of sales promo is to elicit an immediate response Soles promo has been growing as big consumer products firms (e.g., P&G) shift dollars out of advertising and into sales promotion Ex. 15.3: Purpose of Sales Promotion vs. Purpose of Advertising Stimulate short term demand vs. Cultivate long term demand Encourage brand switching vs. Encourage brand loyalty Induce trial use vs. Encourage repeat purchases o Stimulate repeat purchases! Promote price orientation vs. Promote image/feature orientation
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Ch 15 Book Notes - CHAPTER 15: Sales Promotion, Point of...

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