Ch 17 Book Notes - CHAPTER 19 Integrated Direct Marketing...

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CHAPTER 19: Integrated Direct Marketing and Personal Selling Intro. Scenario: Don’t Mess With Les What 2 major points does the Wunderman Test illustrate about direct marketers? o Direct marketers always seek to be in a position to judge results o They like to promote dialogue The Evolution of Direct Marketing Direct Marketing: an interactive system of marketing which one uses one or more advertising media to effect a measurable response and/or transaction at any location Direct marketing is interactive in that the marketer is attempting to develop an ongoing dialogue with the customer Direct marketing programs are commonly planned with the notion that one contact will lead to another and then another so that the marketer’s message can become more focused and refined with each interaction They are almost always designed to produce some form of immediate, measurable response. o Designed to produce an immediate sale Direct Marketing, A Look-Back What did LL Bean realize all long-term relationships were based on? o TRUST Direct Marketing Today 3 purposes of Direct Marketing o Involves an attempt to interact or create a dialogue with the consumer o Multiple media are often employed in the process o It is characterized by the fact that a measurable response is immediately available for assessing a programs impact What is the purpose or intent of both these ads? o
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Ch 17 Book Notes - CHAPTER 19 Integrated Direct Marketing...

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