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Exam 3 Lecture Notes

Exam 3 Lecture Notes - Exam 3 Lecture Notes WAG 6-7 Stan...

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Exam 3 Lecture Notes WAG 6-7 Stan Richards presentation Illustration o Illustrations should support the selling point the advertiser wants to communicate Ex: Instinet—“To the competition, you are invisible” What is the illustration? How is the color red the dominant illustration? The illustration is unclear and we don’t know what purpose it serves Ex: Cannon Copiers (gimmick illustration)—House of Snake’s pet supply showing a man with a snake around his neck. “Congratulations. The budget committee just approved your fax purchase” In the copy—fax doesn’t have to be a weight on your shoulders, a plain paper fax doesn’t have to put a squeeze on you Shows how an irrelevant illustration is relevant after reading the copy Not very effective Ex: Cannon printers—“No Borders” showing a beach scene and the printer at the bottom is touching the edge of the print ad o Illustrations should form a complementary relationship with the headline Ex: “Are you still supporting the federal budget?” for Direct Express. $9.65 for Direct Express and $14 for FedEx Nice interplay between headline and illustration Ex: “Be Don Juan, Not Don Knotts” for ftd.com advertising their flowers for Valentines Day. Illustration is a bouquet of roses. Who was Don Juan? Or Don Knotts? Does it matter that you don’t know? o Yes o Target: Men, 50-64, high income o Most Important Point: Illustrations must have story-appeal Must find the illustration engaging Ex: British Airways: Some woman out in the desert Ex: National Geographic Story Appeal o People at NG think story appeal for photographs create questions in peoples minds and makes people want to study it o All 3 top choices included a child
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o Pictures of children and animals are most people with readers Things about story-appeal: Show people feeling good Show the aesthetic quality of photo o Arrangement, color, pose, lighting, composition, etc. Readers relate to the scene o Summary of Illustrations: 1. Support the selling point 2. Form a complementary relationship with the headline 3. Have story-appeal This is absolutely critical o 2 Additional Points: Luke Sullivan: “Find a photo with story-appeal that expressed what you want to convey” Found a photograph of a kid playing in the rain online; made a headline saying “life is short, childhood is shorter” Increase impact by using a visual puzzle or task Feelings of solving a puzzle = pleasure rush! o Ex: Strawberry/chocolate sign is an example of a puzzle Body Copy o Body copy gives readers details o Is more than just product information o Customer Benefits Must tell them how the brand will improve their lives Ex: Caltrain: “We like to punch a few holes in the theory that driving to work is the best way” 10 reasons why Ex: “One is just right for your budget”—a very rational appeal “Exactly how mad is she?” Shows same illustration from small to large bouquet of
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Exam 3 Lecture Notes - Exam 3 Lecture Notes WAG 6-7 Stan...

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