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Chapter 1 Challenge Brands face In the past firms have primarily used traditional media to send messages to consumers about their brands such as o TV o Radio o Newspapers o Magazines However by the way people access their info. Now, they rarely run into mass media “Smart Ads” (3 examples) Video games Electronic video tablet attached to the shopping cart o Pass a product in the store that a marketer wants to feature & the screen will flash a coupon you can redeem electronically at checkout Your cell phone will alert you to a special on oil changes just as you’re approaching a lube shop The New World Of Advertising and IBP Mass media are not dead, but they are being supplemented and supported by all sorts of new ways to reach consumers The lines between information, entertainment, networking and commercial messages are blurring No matter how much technology changes or how many new media are available for delivering messages- its still all about THE BRAND And there is a simple truth—a brand that does not meet our needs will not succeed —no matter how much advertising there is or whether that advertising is delivered through old traditional media or new digital media and mobile marketing. Social Media Box: Facebook As big as these networks are and as much traffic as they attract, you can imagine that advertisers are delirious over the possibility of reaching users with all sorts of highly customized, persuasive, relatively low-cost messages Facebook’s Beacon experience o Did not go well and ended the program altogether o Beacon was set up to track what people on FB purchased on other sites, then it would tell your FB friends in the hopes that they would want to buy similar products—all of this without FB users’ consent o Users went ballistic, called it an invasion of privacy, and filed a class action lawsuit Can you advertise on social media networks?
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o For now, the answer is no, you really can’t advertise on the biggest thing going on in Web user activity—at least not in the most powerful ways. Advertising is a business, an art form, an institution, and a cultural phenomenon. Truth about advertising lies in the extremes: o o Enormously creative and entertaining but also simply annoying It is a complex communication process, a dynamic business process, and now a part of the social interaction process. Advertising Defined Advertising: a paid, mass mediated attempt to persuade 3 Essential criteria to be in an ad: o Paid o Must be in MASS MEDIA- must reach more than one person o An attempt to persuade o o
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Ch 1 Book Notes - Chapter 1 Challenge Brands face In the...

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