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Chapter 5 Introduction Scenario: o 7-Eleven & the Simpsons partnership; remodeled 12 stores for one month o Why? To promote the release of The Simpsons Movie o Target? Die-hard Simpson fans o IBP according to Tim Stock: “It’s pop culture commenting on pop culture commenting on itself” 2 Perspectives on Consumer Behavior: 1. The consumer is the decision maker—consumers are systematic decision makers who process information, including info from advertisers o We can think of individuals as purposeful decision makers who either weigh and balance alternatives or resort, typically in times of complexity and too much information, to simple decision rules of thumb to make things easier. 2. Views consumers as active interpreters (meaning-makers) of advertising, whose membership in various cultures, societies, and communities significantly affects their interpretation and response to advertising. Why? o Both perspectives offer something valuable; the point is that no one perspective can adequately explain consumer behavior. 4 Basic Decision-Making Stages Need Recognition o Need State : when ones desired state of affairs differs from one’s actual state of affairs. Accompanied by discomfort or anxiety that motivates action. o One way adv works is to point to and thereby activate needs that will motivate consumers to buy a product or service o Maslow’s hierarchy of needs suggests that a consumer’s level of affluence can have a dramatic effect on what types of needs he or she perceives as relevant. Ex: Poor people’s needs are for physiology survival and basic comfort, while rich people’s needs may have more to do with seeking to validate personal accomplishments and derive status and recognition through consumption and social display o Functional Benefits: Convenience, reliability, nutritious, durability Some scholars believe that ALL benefits are functional, even emotional ones. “All benefits serve a purpose” o Emotional Benefits: products and services that make you feel pride, avoid guilt, relieve fear and experience pleasure. Information Search and Alternative Evaluation o Need recognition simply sets in motion a process that may involve an extensive information search
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o Internal Search: the consumer’s first option for information is to draw on personal experience and prior knowledge. Can also tap into info that has accumulated in one’s memory from repeated adv exposures o Evoked Set: the set of brands that come to mind when a category is mentioned Based off of internal search o Consideration Set: Set of brands the consumer will consider for purchase The subset of brands from a particular product category that becomes the focal point of the consumer’s evaluation o External Search: visiting retail stores to examine the alternatives, seeking input from friends and relatives about their experiences with the products in question, or perusing professional product evaluations furnished in various publications. o
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Ch 5 Book Notes - Chapter 5 Introduction Scenario: o...

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