Ch 6 Book Notes - Chapter 6 Intro Scenario How Well Do You...

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Chapter 6 Intro. Scenario: How Well Do You “Tolerate Mornings” Folgers’s film “Happy Mornings” designed to target to Spent $0 on media Film was sent to 3 websites then hit YouTube resonated with the target (330K viewings) Moral of the story for markets? o ADV must be clear on whom they are trying to reach and then on what we can say that will resonate with them. o Companies address this though a process called STP marketing. Leads to decisions about who we need to advertise to, what value proposition we want to present to them, and how we plan to reach them with our message Target Segment: The subgroup chosen as the focal point for the marketing program and adv campaign Ex 6.3: STP Marketing Process Segmenting (breaking down diverse markets into manageable segments) Targeting (choosing specific segments as the focal point for marketing efforts) Positioning (aligning the marketing mix to yield distinctive appeal for the target segment) Positioning: Process of designing and representing one’s product or service so that it will occupy a distinct and valued place in the target consumer’s mind. Positioning Strategy: Involves selection of key themes or concepts that the organization will feature when communicating this distinctiveness to the target segment. STP Marketing: basis for generating effective advertising. What do the two ads from the same issue of Seventeen illustrate? o Each case, the adv was trying to reach adolescent females o As you compare the ads (Army vs. Hard Candy makeup), it should be pretty obvious that the adv’s were trying to reach out to very different segments of adolescent females Beyond STP, what are 2 options to maintain vitality? Reassessment of the segmentation strategy
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Ch 6 Book Notes - Chapter 6 Intro Scenario How Well Do You...

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