Ch 9 Book Notes - Chapter 9 Intro. Scenario: Creativity...

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Chapter 9 Intro. Scenario: Creativity Begets a Creepy King Creepy King validates innovative agency CP+B o CP+B showed its dexterity with creative that befuddled the skeptics and maxed out the buzz factor Targeted 18-35 yr old males (among the heaviest users of fast food) No one does CREEPY better than the King Why was the successful Xbox advertisement-game promo so smart? o Every time they play the game, its one more subtle plug for Burger King o The purchasers of the game were the target audience members Ex. 10.1 What is the Kings dominant characteristic? o His creepy charm Ethics Box: CP+B’s Not-So-Secret Recipe CP+B recipe for Hoopla (these two principles are illustrated in class with the “Subservient Chicken” website) Invention o Consumers constantly crave things that are new and different Mischief o Tricks, pranks, and playfully naughty behavior keep people interested and potentially engaged with the ultimate message Why Does Advertising Need Creativity? Creative people and organizations have to be risk takers , step on people’s toes Ad clutter requires creative ads to breakthrough “For starters we need to get the consumers attention and be MEMORABLE Ex 10.2 Illustrates that creativity with no recall of the brand fails o JHM* “it is not creative unless it sells” + cartoon = examples of “vampire creativity” that distracts from message Ex 10.3 Wonderful example of simple, relevant concept mobile app that works
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Ch 9 Book Notes - Chapter 9 Intro. Scenario: Creativity...

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