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Chapter 10 Ex 10.1 Ten Message Strategies (only 5 are important) o Promote Brand Recall To get consumers to recall its brand name first; that is before any of the competitor’s brand names o Persuade the consumer To convince consumers to buy a product or service through high-engagement arguments o Instill Brand Preference To get consumers to like or prefer its brand above all others o Transform Consumption experiences To create a feeling, image, or mood about a brand that is activated when the consumer uses the product or service o Define the Brand Image To create an image for a brand by relying predominantly on visuals rather than words and argument Objective 1: Promote Brand Recall Simplest type of advertising: promote brand recall Evoked Set: a small list of brand names that come to mind when a product or service category is mentioned Two ways to achieve recall o Method A : Repetition To gain easier retrieval of brand names from consumer’s memory Advertisers do this by buying lots of ads and/or by frequently repeating the brand name within the ad itself o Method B : Slogans and Jingles The basic mechanism at work here is still memory, and the goal is still brand-name recall The most important implication of repetition and slogans/jingles is RESISTANCE TO FORGETTING o Method C: P-O-P Branding Pop displays serve as memory triggers By far the most important implication of repetition and slogans and jingles—they are USP o Unique Selling Proposition o Provides a reason to buy by associating the brand with one & only one attribute that consumers feel is important o The idea of emphasizing one and only one brand attribute is a very good idea o Ex 10.3
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Ch 10 Book Notes - Chapter 10 Ex 10.1 Ten Message...

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