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Ch 11new Book Notes - Chapter 11 Introductory Scenario...

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Chapter 11 Introductory Scenario Brand management is skeptical about creative function but all recognize that to be effective, the ad must be creative further the basic principles of creative communication, good writing and effective visuals have not changed although media (the vehicles through which we get our news, information and entertainment) have changed Creative Teams Creative is the magic in advertising and IBP 4 person creative team: o Art director o Copywriter o Media planner and account planner o Brandscapes Copywriters Effective copywriters are well-informed, astute adv decision makers with creative talent. Copywriters are able to comprehend and then incorporate the complexities of marketing strategies, consumer behavior, and advertising strategies into powerful communication They must do this in such a way that the copy does not interfere with, but rather enhances, the visual aspects of the message Purposes of a Headline 1. Get attention 2. Select the audience 3. Identify the brand Ethics Box Coke’s creative use of humor backfires when a label encourages employees to take sick day when they’re not sick (no on thought through the label to clearly to forecast a problem) Subheads Subhead: consists of a few words or a short sentence and usually appears above or below the headline Includes important brand information that was not included in the headline Benefits o Reinforces the headline o Entice the reader to proceed to the body copy o Stimulate a more complete reading of the entire ad Clorox Ad What does the Clorox Ad illustrate? o Subheads (subheads include important brand information not included in the headline) Guidelines for Writing Body Copy
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Use the present tense Use familiar words and phrases Involve the reader Avoid clichés and superlatives Writing Copy For Radio Some consider radio the ultimate creative medium as the theater of the mind Obvious limitations o Audio-wallpaper charge- radio is used as a filler or unobtrusive accompaniment to other daily chores 4 Basic Formats for Radio Ads o Music o Dialogue o Announcement o Celebrity Writing Copy for TV Social media = same opportunities as TV Storyboard: an important shot-by-important-shot sketch depicting in sequence the visual scenes and copy that will be used in a TV ad. o
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Ch 11new Book Notes - Chapter 11 Introductory Scenario...

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