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Exam 2 Answers 1. Shawn White and Gum a. Targeting 10-12 year olds with transformational branding 2. a. Illustration of relevance 3. Not one of the 5 truths about creativity a. To achieve success you must think like a child 4. Stan Richards says people at his agency see themselves as a. Brand builders 5. Key driver with event sponsorship a. Connecting with an emotional experience 6. Royal Caribbean ads + innovative a. Scheduling advertising only during bad weather 7. Bill Bernbach which is false a. He welcomed undisciplined creative talent into his agency to teach them
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Unformatted text preview: advertising 8. The Parking Spot a. No music was played 9. Stan Richards a. Fruit of the Loom, an icon was important in terms of success 10. The headline of a print ad should grab attention and be a. Relevant 11. Hilton Hotel in which wording was changed a. Example of specificity 12. Shakespeare and Bernbach a. Studying Bernbachs 1960s VW ads is relevant to developing effective online ads in 2011 13. 800 lb gorilla a. Migration of dollars away from traditional advertising to alternatives 14....
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