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Chapter 15 Lecture—Personal Selling

Chapter 15 Lecture—Personal Selling - •...

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Chapter 15 Lecture—Personal Selling & Customer Service In Marketing Yourself See yourself as HC—human capital o Someone is going to buy your act You need VP—value proposition o What value do you propose to give the firm The Importance and Role of Personal Selling Personal selling is important o Requires strategy decisions o Distinctive competency o Helping customers to make good buying decisions is critical o Salespeople represent the whole company & customers o Sales force provides market information o Salespeople can be strategy planners 4 P’s What Kinds of Personal Selling Are Needed? Order Getters Develop New Business Relationships Order getters and order-getting o Higher paid—higher risk, greater reward Producers’ order getters find new opportunities Wholesalers’ order getters almost hand it to the customer Retail order getters influence buyer behavior Order Takers Nurture Relationships to Keep the Business Coming Order takers and order-taking Producers’ order takers train, explain, and collaborate
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Unformatted text preview: • Wholesalers’ order takers don’t get orders, but keep them • Retail order takers are often poor sales clerks Supporting Sales Force Informs & Promotes in the Channel • Supporting sales tasks o Missionary salespeople o Technical spets o Customer service reps Customer Service Promotes the Next Purchase • What is customer service? o Not the product o Part of promotion o Reps are customer advocates Compensating and Motivating Salespeople • Level of compensation • Method of payment • Straight salary, straight commission, combination plan Key Steps in the Personal Selling Process • Prospect • Selling effort priorities o Select target customer o Preplan sales call and presentation o Make sales presentation close the sale (get action) Follow-up after sales call to establish relationship Follow-up after the purchase to maintain and enhance relationship • Evaluate needs 1720...
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