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3-2 - Kin March 2 2010 Training Issues Program Design...

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Kin – March 2, 2010 Training Issues Program Design Principles of Training Types of Muscular Contractions How much Resistance Training is Enough? ACSM Guidelines = 1 set of 8-12 reps, major muscle groups, twice a week o This applies to UNTRAINED individuals o Will be on the exam! Know these numbers! ACSM Guidelines These are minimums! More work will produce more gains The one set needs to be “at target” o 1 set = # of successive reps performed without resting Strength gains from a resistance training program consisting of various sets and repetitions Optimal Training One book recommends: o For strength: 3 sets, 6 reps (increase weight when you can do 8 reps) Go back to slides to finish notes Meta-Analysis Summary? (Do not need to memorize the #’s) 1. Untrained: 4 sets @ 60% 1RM (12 reps) 3 days/week 2. Trained: 4 sets @ 80% (8 reps) 2 days/week 3. Athletes: 8 sets @ 85% 1RM (6 reps) 2 days/week What is the optimal # of sets/reps? It just depends on how trained they are and what they want to do There is no one, single program that is “optimal” for everyone! Need to consider the individual o Personal goals o Performance needs o Available time o Available equipment In General… Training for strength? o Heavier weights, fewer reps Training for endurance?
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o Lighter weights, more reps Training for power? o Strength x speed To Avoid Plateaus + Maximize Training? Mix it up! Periodization = o Cyclical program that varies the intensity (load/weight) inversely with the training volume (# of reps) o Helps avoid staleness, boredom, plateaus and can be used to enhance performance for a specific competition (most common usage = competitive sports
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