3-30 - Kin More slides before this Is dehydration an issue...

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Kin – March 30, 2010 More slides before this… Is dehydration an issue? Yes—if you exercise! People replace only 1/3 to 2/3 sweat loss and thirst is not an indicator What factors affect how much fluid you need? o If it is hot & humid, you are going to lose more fluid than when it’s cold and dry o What you’re wearing—football players can easily overheat. Different sports have different kinds of equipment needs o Intensity: higher intensity, greater sweat loss (higher core temperature) What happens when you dehydrate? Blood volume shrinks Skin blood flow less Muscle blood flow less Temperature rises Fatigue Blood pressure drops Lightheaded Faint Decreased alertness Greater perceived exertion Increased risk of heat illness Impaired motor skills = Poor Performance Typical Sweat Loss Someone larger will start with greater amount of fluid, but could lose up to 12 quarts a day Daily sweat loss in athletes: 1 to 12 quarts/day For every pound of fluid you lose, you need about 16 oz to replace it Why not just drink water? Water turns off thirst too soon We sweat off a lot of sodium Water does not contain electrolytes in sufficient amounts and it shuts off the thirst mechanism “In laboratory tests that required about four quarts of sweat loss we found that thirst was temporarily satisfied by drinking as little as one pint of water” Sweat is more than just water
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Chloride, sodium, etc Why are electrolytes important? Improve taste Maintain physiological drive to drink Aid rapid fluid absorption Help maintain fluid balance Stimulate better rehydration!!! Encourages you to keep drinking o Think of a bar and why they put salty snacks out… to get people to buy more drinks How much fluid? ACSM Guidelines:
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3-30 - Kin More slides before this Is dehydration an issue...

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