4-6 - Kin April 6, 2010 What happened, David? Wrap up:...

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Kin – April 6, 2010 What happened, David? Wrap up: calcium (major); iron (minor) Regulation of body weight: genetics, exercise, diet Female Athlete Triad Disordered Eating Amenorrhea Osteoporosis Why Women? So much pressure to be thin Anatasia Volochkova o 5’6” member of the Bolshoi ballet… fired because she was “too heavy” at 109 lbs. Fired from London opera o Size 30 size 12 with gastric bypass NOT just women anymore… 1. The incidence of eating disorders in men has skyrocketed; and 2. Pediatrics (Oct. 2003) o 15,000 boys/girls 9-14; 30% of girls, 16% of boys dieted “sometimes” of “often”/ over 3 years: dieters gained more weight than non and BMI increased. Frequent dieters 12x more likely to acknowledge binge eating Iron Minor Mineral –Why? 1. Essential for performance 2. Iron forms the “heme” component of hemoglobin and affects the body’s ability to deliver… At Risk for Low Iron? Menstruating women Dieters Endurance athletes Non red meat eaters Lacto-ovo vegetarians Runners Low? Recent study of 121 re creational atheletes: 36% women and 6% men low iron levels Why? o Diet; cardio exercised = high intensity blood guy; damaged cells as feet pound; loss in sweat
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RDA for Iron (do not have to memorize these) 15-18 for females (11-50 yrs) 12 mg for males (11-18 yrs) Enhance Iron Intake Vitamin C promotes absorption “fortified” food Avoid caffeine with meals Eat lean meats (bioavailable heme iron) Take iron/calcium supplements separately Antioxidants Most noted: o Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) o Vitamin C o Vitamin E o Antioxidant Supplementation? What’s the deal? o They preserve and protect the body from the damage caused by free radical (which may be produced during endurance exercise!) o **Experts recommendation? Depends on the expert! Color-coded Food Protective properties of antioxidants and phytochemicals found in brightly colored food Go for Bright and/or Dark! o
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4-6 - Kin April 6, 2010 What happened, David? Wrap up:...

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