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Spring-2011 CMSC 250: Homework 2 Due: Due Wed Feb 9, 2011 NOTE: Due AT THE BEGINNING of Recitation! COURSE WEBSITE: http://www.cs.umd.edu/ gasarch/250/S11.html (NOTE- there is a Tilda before gasarch. It may be easier to get to the course website via the dept webpage (go to class webpages) or gasarch’s homepage (it will be obvious).) 1. (10 points) What is your name? Write it clearly. Staple your HW. When is the first midterm (give Date and Time)? When is the second midterm (give Date and Time)? When is the final (give Date and Time)? 2. (30 points) Consider the following statement: If you get a C on the midterm then you will not get an A in the course. (a) Give the contrapositive of the statement. Your answer must be natural English sentence. (b) Assume that the statement is true and that Bill gets a D on the midterm. Show that he
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Unformatted text preview: can still get an A in the course. (c) How should the statement be changed to make it convey what we want. 3. (30 points) (a) Give a Truth Table on three variables for the following: • If the number of inputs that are TRUE is 0 or 1 then the formula is FALSE , and • If the number of inputs that are TRUE is 2 or 3 then the formula is TRUE. (b) Give a Boolean formula that has this truth table. USE the method give in class and DO NOT SIMPLIFY. (c) Rewrite the formula using as few connectives as possible. 4. (30 points) Give a Boolean Formula on the six variables P 1 , P 2 , P 3 , P 4 , P 5 , P 6 that has exactly six satisfying assignment. Give the six satisfying assignments. 1...
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