250MIDI - 1 250, Midterm I Do not open this exam until you...

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1 250, Midterm I Do not open this exam until you are told. Read these instructions: 1. This is a closed book exam. No calculators, notes, or other aids are allowed . If you have a question during the exam, please raise your hand. 2. You must turn in your exam immediately when time is called at the end. 3. 6 problems which add up to 98 points. You get 2 points for getting your NAME, SIGNATURE, SID, SECTION NUMBER correct on this page which we consider problem 0. 100 points total. 1 hour 30 minutes. Each question’s point value is indicated. 4. In order to be eligible for as much partial credit as possible, show all of your work for each problem, write legibly , and clearly indicate your answers. Credit cannot be given for illegible answers. 5. After the last page there is paper for scratch work. If you need extra scratch paper after you have filled these areas up, please raise your hand. Scratch paper must be turned in with your exam, with your name and ID number written on it, but scratch paper will not be graded. 6. Please write out the following statement: “ I pledge on my honor that I will not give or receive any unauthorized assistance on this examination .” 7. Fill in the following: NAME : SIGNATURE : SID : SECTION NUMBER : SCORES ON PROBLEMS Prob 0: Prob 1: Prob 2: Prob 3: Prob 4: Prob 5: Prob 6: TOTAL
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1. (18 points) For each of the following fill in the blank. No proofs required. (a) What is d 10 . 1 e ? SOLUTION TO 1a: 11 (b) Give a Boolean Formula on the five variables x 1 , x 2 , x 3 , x 4 , x 5 that has exactly two satis- fying assignments. SOLUTION TO 1b:
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250MIDI - 1 250, Midterm I Do not open this exam until you...

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