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CIS 4360 Introduction to Computer Security QUIZ 1, Fall 2011 (5 minutes only) WITH SOLUTIONS This quiz concerns the basic requirements for Computer Security. 1. The basic Security requirements for Trusted Systems are discussed in a publication of the US Depart- ment of Defense. (a) What is the common name of this publication? (two words, Frst one a color) Orange Book (Part of the Rainbow Series). (b) What is the o±cial name of this publication? (at least the acronym) TC-SEC, Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria. 2. Computer Security is about protecting assets. There are three basic strategies that can be used. List them: (a) Prevention, (b) Detection, (c) Reaction. 3. There are three basic security requirements (goals), which have to with preventing certain unauthorized actions. The requirements are: (a) ConFdentiality, (b) Integrity, (c) Availability. 4. List two more security requirements:
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Two from: authenticity, accountability, reliability, safety, dependability, survivability. 5. What is the fundamental dilemma of Computer Security? ²unctionality or Assurance: which one? 6. We discussed in class Fve basic design decisions for Computer Security. List three of them (a) Should protection focus on data, operations or users? (b) In which layer of an IT system should security be placed? (c) Should security focus on simplicity or security? [ Others: (a) Should security control tasks be given to a central entity of left to individual compo-nents? (b) How to prevent the attacker from accessing the layer below the protection boundary? ] 7. We discussed in class the layers of an IT system, List them: (a) Application, (b) Service, (c) OS, (d) OS Kernel, (e) Hardware. Mike Burmester...
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