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CIS 4360 Introduction to Computer Security QUIZ 2, Fall 2011 (5 minutes only) WITH SOLUTIONS This quiz concerns the protection mechanisms used in general purpose Operating Systems. 1. What is the Fundamental Dilemma of Computer Security. Functionality or Assurance: which one? 2. What are the ±ve layers of an IT system? Application Services OS (Operating System) OS kernel Hardware 3. The 4 th Design decision states: (complete) Should security control tasks be given to a central entity or left to individual components. 4. In class we distinguished computer criminals as: amateurs , crackers and career criminals . If the protection resources are restricted and only two types of criminal can be dealt with, which type would you drop (you should take into account the overall potential losses resulting from that
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Unformatted text preview: type of criminal) An individual’s point of view: Career criminals . Even though each one may do a lot of harm, there are very few. The FBI/NSA’s point of view: Amateurs . They are no more than a nuissance. 5. Microsoft Corporation uses a reactive strategy to address computer security: “wait till a weak-ness is discovered and then fnd a patch” . Discuss the wisdom of this strategy from two vantage points: ( a ) the company’s, and ( b ) the customer’s. ( a ) It is the best strategy to make money! (MS make billions while IBM is almost bust). ( b ) Most of us use MS software. We can always switch if we want to, but we don’t. So ?!?!?!?!?!. Mike Burmester...
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