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CIS 4360 Introduction to Computer Security, Fall 2011 WITH ANSWERS QUIZ 3 (5 minutes only) This quiz concerns the protection mechanisms used in general purpose Operating Systems. 1. Entity authentication is based on: (a) Something the entity knows (b) Something the entity holds (has) (c) Something the entity is 2. Short length passwords are insecure Because they are subject to dictionary attacks. 3. List 3 of the defenses used for passwords.
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Limit login attempts (b) Use password checkers (or generators) (c) Use password ageing 4. What is a spooFng attack with passwords. The attacker masquerades as a legitimate entity to gain access to passwords, e.g. by using a phishing attack. 5. How would you suggest that passwords be stored in a computer system? They should be (cryptographically) hashed Mike Burmeste...
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