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quiz12_sol - Mandatory Access Control 4 In the context of...

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CIS 4360 Introduction to Computer Security QUIZ 12, Fall 2010 (5 minutes only) — answers This quiz concerns Access Control models. 1. The Bell-LaPadula model employs access control matrices to model discretionary access policies of the Orange Book. 2. An access control matrix is an array: (a) Its rows are indexed by the subjects s (b) Its columns are indexed by the objects o (c) What is in its ( s ; o )-th entry? the access mode(s) for object s by subject o . 3. In the context of Computer Security what does MAC stand for?
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Unformatted text preview: Mandatory Access Control . 4. In the context of Computer Security what does DAC stand for? Discretionary Access Control . 5. The security levels set L can be linear. What are the 4 security levels in the Orange Book called? Answer: Top Secret Secret ConFdential UnclassiFed 6. The security levels set L can also have a partially ordered structure. What is it called? Answer: A Lattice Mike Burmester...
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