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CIS 4360 Introduction to Computer Security QUIZ 13, Fall 2011 – with answers (5 minutes only) 1. The BLP model is based on, (TRUE or FALSE) an Information ±ow model: TRUE an integrity model: FALSE a privacy model: TRUE some other model: FALSE 2. The Bell-LaPadula (BLP) Model. State the *-property for BLP: No write-down policy ( s, o, a ) b with a = append or write we must have:
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Unformatted text preview: f C ( s ) f O ( o ). ( f S ( s ) f O ( o ) is also acceptable). Justify the *-property for BLP: If write-down were allowed then information would ow upwards, in the wrong direction, violating the security level direction in the Information ow model. Alternatively: write-down establishes covert channels, etc. Mike Burmester...
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