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CIS 4360 Introduction to Computer Security QUIZ 16, Fall 2011 — with answers 1. The Biba model attaches labels to objects and subjects. What are these called? Answer: integrity labels. 2. In the Biba model there is no procedure for verifying actions. 3. In the Clark-Wilson model a TP certiFes an upgrade. 4. It is stated that: As with the Bell-LaPadula Model, if the Biba model does not have tranquility, trusted entities must change the objects integrity levels, and the method of upgrading need not be certiFed. In this context what does tranquility mean? Answer: The integrity labels of subjects or objects cannot be upgraded or downgraded.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Information Flow models. Complete the sentences: (choose from: Bel-LaPadula, Information ±low (I±), equivocation, BellLaPadula, security) • In the Bel-LaPadula model, information can ²ow from a low security level to a high security level through access operations without any loss of conFdential information. • An Information ±low (I±) system is secure if there is no illegal information ²ow. • The information ²ow from x to y is measured by the equivocation (conditional entropy) H ( x | y ) of x , given y . Mike Burmester...
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