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CIS 4360 Introduction to Computer Security Home Assignment 3, Fall 2011 — WITH ANSWERS Due date: 9:30am, September 27, 2011 (at the beginning of class) This concerns the basic requirements for Authentiaction and Access Control. 1. The police and the public defender share a computer. What security problems does this present? Do you feel that it is a reasonable cost-saving measure to have all public agencies share the same (set of) computers? Answer. A public defender is a public attorney who represents people charged with a crime but who cannot aFord to hire a private attorney. The defender’s interests in protecting his client may be diFerent from those of the police leading to a con±ict of interest, and a con²dentiality violation. Sharing access to resources among entities with a potential con±ict-of-interest is a security threat. 2. A respected computer scientist has said that no computer can ever be made perfectly secure. Why might she have said this?
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