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In this recitation, please mainly help the students in understanding MIPS functions. Help them with jal, jr first, then help them with the stack. Explain the basic concepts to them. Then ask the students to write code to implement a function to find the number of times a value appears in an array with n elements where n is 10 in our case. One of the possible implementations is follows: .data A: .word 12, 34, 67, 1, 45, 90, 11, 33, 67, 19
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Unformatted text preview: .text .globl main main: la $a0, A # base address li $a1, 10 # n li $a2, 67 # the value to search jal findocr done: li $v0,10 syscall findocr: ori $t0, $zero, 0 ori $v0, $zero, 0 findocrloop: sll $t1, $t0, 2 add $t1, $a0, $t1 lw $t2, 0($t1) bne $t2, $a2, findocrnoinc addi $v0, $v0, 1 findocrnoinc: addi $t0, $t0, 1 beq $t0, $a1, findocrdone j findocrloop findocrdone: jr $ra...
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