Review test2 - Exam 2 Review POLS 226 Chapters 3-5...

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Exam 2 Review – POLS 226 Chapters 3-5 Political parties – definitions, characteristics, purposes how do parties form? Ideology and interest. Ppl align with a party bc it protects their investments, benefits, employment, etc. interest may have nothing to do with ideology and may even conflict. Party ID – a link that individuals feel toward a party; no formal membership is implied. Political parties serve a number of purposes: get ordinary citizens involved, provide info, link between gov and public, recruit ppl to run for office. American, Texas parties and the 2-party system after the civil war Texas remained a one party system for over 100 years. Democratic party. Now democratic and republic. American parties are characterized by 2 major factors: fragmentation and moderation. fragmentation – separate power bases at the state and national levels often at odds. Moderation: the two major parties tend to remain close to the “center” Ideologies in Texan, American parties ideology- a system of beliefs and values about government, politics, society and moral values. 2 dominant ideologies in tx: conservatism and liberalism. Conservatism – believes in low government regulation of the economy. liberalism- supports gov regulation of the economy. Political realignment Realignment occurred as the natural democratic party became more liberal, leaving TX conservative democrats closer to the republican party. Realignment- a psychological shift in size, beliefs or competitive balance of
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Review test2 - Exam 2 Review POLS 226 Chapters 3-5...

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