lab5 - Getting Started with the EasyWeb2 Hardware Platform:...

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Getting Started with the EasyWeb2 Hardware Platform: Digital I/O (LEDs, Buttons) by Alex Milenkovich, Objectives: This tutorial will help you get started with the MSP30 IAR C program development on the hardware platform EasyWeb2. You will learn the following topics: ± Basic clock system (clock configuration) ± Interfacing buttons. ± Program downloading on a real platform (Olimex EasyWeb2). Note: Required are all previous tutorials. 1. Blink a LED Using Software Delay This section defines the problem that will be solved by the “Blink a LED” application. Your task is to write a C program that will repeatedly blink the status LED on the EasyWeb2 board every 0.5 second (toggle rate is 2 Hz), i.e., the LED6 will be on and off for about 0.25 seconds each. Step 1: Analyze the assignment. In order to better understand the assignment we will first study schematics of the board. This board includes a TI’s MSP430 microcontroller (MSP430F149), Ethernet controller (CS8900A), serial RS232 port, a status led (LED6), a buzzer, four buttons (B1-B4), and several extension slots that allow an easy access to all microcontroller ports. Detailed schematic of the board is provided in the following document: . Open the easyweb2-sch.gif file, zoom in and study the schematic. Please locate the status LED output port. It is connected to port P2.1. Please locate the buttons B1-B4. Which port pins are used to interface the buttons? Step 2. Develop a plan. From the schematic, it is clear that if we want LED6 on we should provide a logical ‘0’ at the output port of the microcontroller (port P2.1), and a logical ‘1’ if we want LED6 to be off. Why? We could take several approaches to solving this problem. The simplest one is to toggle the port P2.1 and have 0.25 seconds delay in software. After initializing the microcontroller, our program will spend all its time in an infinite loop
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lab5 - Getting Started with the EasyWeb2 Hardware Platform:...

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