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Project Progress Report Introduction You must submit a progress report of approximately 1000 words (two pages, typed single-spaced) to your project advisor by the end of the Nth (N = {8 | 9 | 10}) week of the semester. This report should help both you and your advisor to determine how well your project is going and whether or not any changes need to be made. Write your report in the form of a memorandum, beginning with the following: To: From: Subject: Date: Revise your draft as many times as is necessary to produce a fluent and complete report. When you submit your progress report to your advisor, be sure to attach a copy of your proposal. Also, remember to include your drafts and the final versions of your proposal and progress report in the folder you submit at the end of the semester. Organize the body of your report into the following sections. Project and Purpose Briefly reintroduce your project: summarize what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what approach
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Unformatted text preview: you are taking. Progress Made to Date Describe the progress you've made so far. Relate your specific activities to your overall goals so that you and your project advisor can see whether you are proceeding satisfactorily. Practical Implications Note any practical matters that may need adjustment, such as changes in your work schedule or need for additional materials, equipment, or expertise. If, at this point, you think your work may result in a publishable article, indicate where you think it might be published. Check relevant journals to see what has previously been published in your area of research. Be sure to note the editorial policies for the format and style of these journals. Doing this work before you draft a final report or article will help you to avoid wasting time on subsequent revisions....
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