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PS4 ans - Chheavhong Chheung Friday 1212:50 Anthropology...

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Chheavhong Chheung Friday 12 12:50 Anthropology 005 Introduction to Physical Anthropology Problem Set # 4: Speciation, classification, and the comparative method And kin selection 1. There are millions of reproductively isolated species now in existence yet we believe all organisms are related. A. What does it mean to say that all organisms are related? All organisms share a common ancestor therefore they are related.  B. What is the best evidence that they are related? The best evidence that they are related is that their appearance and anatomy are similar.  DNA is genetic/hereditary info, RNA, AA C. In general, what two circumstances are thought to be essential to the division of one interbreeding population into two reproductively isolated ones? Convergence and Divergence are two circumstances that are thought to be essential to the division.  Barrier (physical, behavioral, temporal), imperfect barrier; differing selection pressures 2. Classification is important in biology for several reasons. A. In principle, why should biological classifications be hierarchical? Biological classification should be hierarchical because classification should reflect phylogeny. Because of  Darwin’s theory of common descent, organisms who share the same physical characteristics must have the same  ancestry history. Biological classification exists as a biological systematic of sorting of organism with similarities,  like a biological taxonomy.  Share common ancestors (some more recent than others); systems should reflect phylogeny and timing of speciation 
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PS4 ans - Chheavhong Chheung Friday 1212:50 Anthropology...

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