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Seminar 5 Critical Thinking Questions (40 points total): This week for the assignment please respond to Critical Thinking: What do the "Do Not Tell" call registry survey results tell us? on page 386 of your textbook. I'd like to help you all get started on the CT assignment. Let me walk you through that. I am also very open to us working on the CT calculations together! We'll set the confidence interval calculations up just like Example 3 from P. 334. First though, we need to use Formula 7-1 on P. 333 to determine the margin of error. We know from previous examples that a 95% confidence level corresponds to a critical value of z α/2 = 1.96. Now we need to find the values of p-hat and q-hat. You can then subtract that phat from 1 for your qhat. Now plug the CV and phat and qhat into the Margin of Error formula. Finally, set up your CI using phat and E values. Hint: There is an orderly progression to these problems, and by following the order it keeps your sanity intact (and it is easier for others to follow you!). I would strongly suggest laying out your
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