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Seminar 5 Statdisk Pointers

Seminar 5 Statdisk Pointers - margin of error and the CI It...

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Week 5 Statdisk Pointers For the Week 5 Statdisk assignment one of the things that can be confusing is how to find the number of students who gained weight their freshman year. You need to export the data to Excel so that you can sort it to see how many gained weight. For those of you who are not big Excel fans, I'll attach a worksheet so you can see how I did it (no need to do it yourself). You then go into Statdisk, so pull up the data set (called: Freshman ), then click on Analysis, then Confidence Intervals, then Proportion One Sample. Now plug in your data. You use the number who gained weight for "successes" (not that gaining weight is anything to get excited about and call a success) (hint: you will input 45 for successes ). The n is the total number of students from the data set. When you have your data inputted, then click on evaluate. Walah. You'll have your E
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Unformatted text preview: margin of error, and the CI. It is super duper quick to do! Optional: If may want to check your Statdisk answer like we did last week and calculate this manually. You'll need the phat, which is the number who gained weight divided by the total n. From that you can find the qhat. Now input those numbers into the E formula and find your margin of error. Once you have your margin of error you are ready to construct the confidence interval. To do that you'll add the margin of error to the phat and subtract the margin of error from the phat. People sometimes like to actually write those calculations out so they can "see" each of their steps. Reporting the Confidence Interval : 95% Confidence Interval: _____ < p < _____ Written out another way: ____% < p < ______%...
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