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Seminar 5 Statdisk Assignment (5 points total): Name: ____________ This week we learn how to use Statdisk for generating a confidence interval. Go into Statdisk and locate the Freshman 15 Weight Gain dataset. (This corresponds to Data Set 3 in Appendix B). Construct a 95% confidence interval estimate of the percentage of students who gain weight their freshman year of college. You can either type in your results or do a print screen and paste the Statdisk results into the Word doc. If you do this, please reduce the size of the print out so it is a small size —thanks. To do your initial analysis, I'd recommending copying each column into Excel, then subtracting the values of April Weight from September Weight. Then do a sort function to see how many have gained weight. For those of you who are not that comfortable with Excel—holler and I'll give
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Unformatted text preview: more specific pointers—it is really easy once you've done it! When you go back into Statdisk, you will go to Analysis, then Confidence Intervals, then Proportion One Sample. Once the screen appears input the .95 for the confidence level, and your n, and the number of students who gained weight in the "number of successes" box. Then click on Evaluate. Walah—your CI will appear. Now comes the important part—provide an interpretation of what the confidence interval means. Based on the results, can we safely conclude that a majority of students gain weight in their freshman year? Submit your completed document as an attachment by clicking on the View/Complete Assignment link....
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