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Excellent job on the problems Rob. This was very organized in how you had the problems set up, and the calculations were right-on. Also thanks for your feedback! Score = 5 Seminar 4 Statdisk Assignment (5 points total): Name: Rob Morell For the 3 problems assume a distribution with mean = 0 and a standard deviation = 1 Format for the assignment: Part I: Manual Calculations First show the manual calculations for each problem. I'll get them set up to help get you started. 1. Less than 2.34 First, we need to locate our z score in Table A-2. This will be on the left hand margin of the table. The area numbers are in the body of the table. Our z score corresponds with _____ in our table. The probability of value less than 2.34 is 99.0358%. 2. Between 1 and 3 First, we need to locate our z scores in Table A-2. Our first z score of 1 corresponds to beginning in our table, and our second z score of 3 corresponds to the end Now, we must subtract our first value from our second value; therefore, .9987 - .8413 = .1574
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Seminar_4_Statdisk_rmorel01_Seminar_4_Statdisk_Rob_Morell -...

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