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Seminar 4 Critical Thinking Questions (40 points total): This week the assignment has three parts. Please format the assignment so each of these sections (1, 2, and 3) has its own heading. 1) Imagine a team of researchers was going to study “ you .” They would be gathering data from your typical day so would capture aspects of work, home, and school. After the data is gathered, the researchers would conduct an analysis. You'll choose one aspect of your life and tell us how the data are distributed. In other words, what would the normal distribution curve (bell curve) look like? For example, you may work at a call center that has receives 524 calls on an average day. A slower day the center may receive 469 calls, and on a busy day 579. There is a mean of 524 calls +/-55 calls. Then wrap up your DQ a by discussing if you think your data are representative of the rest of
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Unformatted text preview: the population. In other words, could we generalize from what we see with your data? 2) Post a response to questions #1 and #2 from Critical Thinking: Designing Aircraft Seating on page 323. Your responses should be based on the techniques we learn this week. 3) Following up on #2, can you think of other areas where size is a concern when designing a product for an entire population of consumers? Have you personally ever experienced any difficulties related to standardized products because of your size? (I am 5 feet tall, so I run into this all the time!). Submitting the Assignment Submit the assignment for grading as an attachment by clicking on the View/Complete Assignment link in the Seminars section of the course....
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