Seminar 4 Statdisk

Seminar 4 Statdisk - Seminar 4 Statdisk Assignment(5 points total Name This week we learn how to use Statdisk for inferential statistics Many

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Unformatted text preview: Seminar 4 Statdisk Assignment (5 points total): Name: ____________ This week we learn how to use Statdisk for inferential statistics. Many people still use manual calculations for these problems using Table A2. I would recommend using one method (manual or technology) and then double checking yourself using the other method. So if you calculate the problems manually, check your work using Statdisk. If you use Statdisk to find solutions to problems, it is a really good idea to double check your work manually. Sometimes folks get the hang of Statdisk but don't really have a feel for the underlying concepts behind what they are doing—so if the values are off in left field they don't recognize that. By double checking your work with the other method you get to do a reality check on your answer. The more of these problems you do, the faster you get at doing them—seriously. The Statdisk assignment is practicing this double check approach. Are you ready to rock and roll? Am I dating myself by saying that? :-) We'll be practicing the material from Section 6-2 finding probabilities and dating myself by saying that?...
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