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Seminar 3 Critical Thinking Questions (40 points total): The Critical Thinking assignment this week is "hands on." It should not be too time consuming, and I'd like to see you have some fun with it! There are two exercises--please format the assignment so each of these has its own heading. . Exercise 1: This is a web search exercise Using data from any year in the last ten (10) years, estimate the probability a newborn baby will be female. Locate the necessary data from the Internet and submit the relevant URLs. Please include your calculations! (Also be sure to tell us what that data includes—is it national data, worldwide, or local?) (Optional, for the brave at heart—this is not required: locate date from other years beyond the 10 years and expand on Exercise 1. Do you see any trends?) If anyone is having trouble finding a good resource for the CT assignment this week I'd like to give you one so you can focus on the probability calculation rather than searching the internet! This is just one year. There are a number of good sources you could use to find birth data,
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