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Seminar 2 Statdisk Pointers (1) - Seminar 2 Statdisk...

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Seminar 2 Statdisk Pointers First before you get started, I can’t stress enough how important it is to do “problems” such as this step by step. The procedure is absolutely sequential—so you need to take it step by step, or you won’t do it properly and you will drive yourself insane. First step! Open the Statdisk program, go to the Datasets tab and click on Elementary Stats 11th ed. Click on "Car Measurements". We need to generate the descriptive statistics . Go to the Data tab and click Descriptive Statistics. Input column 2 and column 4 (weights and braking distances), then click on Evaluate. This will give you the descriptive statistics including mean, median, midrange, variance, standard deviation. Copy and paste into Word the descriptive statistics. Include just the important numbers you need, just like in the Week 1 CT assignment—delete all the other numbers. Now we will generate a scatterplot graphic to determine if we can “see” a relationship between weights and braking distance. This is called “eyeballing” the variables and is the first thing statisticians do to get a feel for the data. To generate a scatterplot: go to the Data tab, select Scatterplot, and put 2 (this indicates column 2) for X and 4 (column 4) for Y. An alternative is to go to the Analysis tab-> use Correlation And Regression to get the correlation info and you can then click on the Plot tab for the scatter plot. Tell me what you see
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Seminar 2 Statdisk Pointers (1) - Seminar 2 Statdisk...

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