Unit 2 Paper- Legal Phil.

Unit 2 Paper- Legal Phil. - Introduction Law is said to be...

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Introduction: Law is said to be something that defines behavior of people and states under certain said codes and regulations. These regulations have been defined by legal authorities and have to be obeyed. This law can be interpreted, is justifiable and interpretive. The concepts are informative and sufficiently understandable by the common man and so it helps in convincing people as to what is law and how it is applicable in life and why it should be followed. An important step in understanding philosophies of law is determin- ing, with respect to any particular philosophy, what law is, how the philosophy conceives of law as a system, and how the philosophies address the commonplaces of law con- cerning authority and the common good The concept and nature of law: It has been quoted by the author that “Concepts that are both important in terms of de- scription, justification, and interpretation and intransigent are grist for the philosopher’s mill “.Knowledge passes from person to person and so any matter that can be subject- ive to analysis offers explanation of concepts. Concepts of law have been suggested and theorized by many philosophers of the subject. John Austin is a prominent philosopher of law. He says that law has a social fact as one of its attribute and so is very commonplace he calls law as high level of social science which deals with social practices characterized as common.according to him he ques- tions the two facets of what law is and what it ought to have been. ‘‘Law’s existence is one thing,’ Austin writes, ‘‘and its merits or demerits another.’ law has both positive and
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negative impacts .it is as good as it is bad. It helps bring in justice and also promotes in- justice. Another famous philosopher and proponent of the concept of law is HLA Hart. He says that “law is a social matter, an artifact of human sociality, and as a result there are no necessary constraints of morality on what can count as law “. The philosopher says that law should not be understood in terms of command but in terms of rules. He says that
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Unit 2 Paper- Legal Phil. - Introduction Law is said to be...

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