Article number two - were not showing it was a waste of money and can be put towards another event that people will show up for” There the reason

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If you are a returning student at St John Fisher, then you might have noticed that something is missing from the events calendar, (If you are freshmen that you have no idea what I am talking about). Well if you realized that something is missing good news is that you are right. By now I am sure it is killing you to know what this missing event is, well then I will tell you, movie nght is something that we will no longer be able to enjoy (Don’t worry it will be okay, don’t cry yet it gets better) after meeting with the President of the SAB Julie Busco, and the Vice President Ryan Terry I got some answers. According to Busco there is mainly one reason why movie night is not longer, “We were doing these movie nights two to three times a week and mostly three people were showing up, and that was it” Busco also goes on to say,” It was a lot of money to get the rights to show these films and since people
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Unformatted text preview: were not showing it was a waste of money and can be put towards another event that people will show up for”. There the reason why SAB had parted ways with movie night, lack of peoples interest. I then asked if there was any hope in movie night returning and was told that instead of the movie night the SAB club is trying to set up movie trips where students can get free transportation to theaters and go to the movies off campus (Told you that it got better didn’t I). According to Busco and Terry, they are still in the process of planning and getting all of the details in order for that, so everyone keep your eyes and ears open for that. So in the end there is no more movie nights however, on the other hand there might be movie trips. In the meantime there are many upcoming events that students all you have to do is look online at the events calendar....
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