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114_hw_1_not_collected - Economics 114 Development...

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Economics 114 Development Economics Due date: Complete before midterm/final. Not collected. Answers provided during last class of the quarter. If you cannot attend, get notes from another student. 1. (Before the midterm) For your assigned country (see gauchospace), answer the following questions. For ease, I suggest http://hdr.undp.org/en/data/profiles/ for your numbers. a. Calculate the (old) HDI using the formula. Do not pull values from the website for the indexes. Calculate your own indexes. 0.567 b. Now allow GDP to increase by 6 (multiply your county’s GDP by 6). Recalculate the (old) HDI. 0.667 c. Using your numbers from part a, assume adult literacy is 100%. Recalculate the (old) HDI. 0.707 d. Which had the bigger affect on (old) HDI, income or adult literacy? Briefly explain. Literacy , because even the income increase, it still has to be logged, thus its impact has be lessened. e. Calculate the NHDI using the formula. Do not pull values from the website for the indexes. You must calculate your own indexes. 0.418 f. Provide a brief history of your country. This is for you to understand your country not 1
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2. (Before the final) For your assigned country, provide the following statistics and answer the following questions. No answers provided. Supply your own. Use the USA (or your home country if you are an international student) as a basis of comparison. a. The total fertility rate b. Total population c. growth rate of population d. growth rate of GDP e. Crude birth rate f. Death rate g. Natural increase h. Population of largest city i. Population of 2 nd largest city j. Percent of population employed in agriculture k. Age structure a. Median age female b. Median age male c. Percent 0-14 years old l. Provide an interesting statistic not requested m. Describe the largest city.
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114_hw_1_not_collected - Economics 114 Development...

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