Australopithecus - Lecture notesEarly Hominid Fossils;...

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Lecture notes—Early Hominid Fossils; Australopithecus 11/23/09 Three major groups of early hominids: 1. Pre-australopiths -earliest and most primitive possible hominids (7.0-4.4 Ma.) 2. Australopiths -diverse forms, some more primitive, others more derived. First definitive hominids. (4.2-1.2 Ma.) 3. Early Homo -the first members of our genus (2.4-1.4 Ma.) Australopiths Two closely related genera: Australopithecus (Gracile australopiths) Paranthropus (Robust australopiths) Gracile Australopiths (2.5-4.2 Ma.) Australopithecus afarensis (East Africa) Australopithecus africanus (South Africa) Feature of Australopithecus 1. They are all clearly bipedal (although not necessarily identical to Homo in this regard). 2. They all have relatively small brains (i.e., at least compared to Homo). 3. They all have large teeth, particularly the back teeth, with thick to very thick enamel on the molars. Australopithecus afarensis (East Africa) Primitive Traits (Features shared with Apes) Brains a little larger than Pan : 400-500 cubic centimeters (cc) Projecting face, Dental arcade shape ape-like = U-shaped;
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Australopithecus - Lecture notesEarly Hominid Fossils;...

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