modern humans - Handout for Anthro. 102 Modern Humans...

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Handout for Anthro. 102 Modern Humans 12/8/09 AMH=anatomically modern humans, Ky = thousands of years ago Homo sapiens Sometime, probably close to 200,000 years ago, the first modern Homo sapiens evolved in Africa. Within 150,000 years or so, their descendants had spread across most of the Old World, even expanding as far as Australia. All contemporary populations—more than 6 billion living humans—are placed within this species (and the same subspecies as well). The Modern Human Skull: AMH=anatomically modern human, brain size avg 1340 cc, short, high braincase, sides of braincase relatively parallel, short face tucked underneath frontal lobes of brain, mandible with chin (inverted T) Where do modern humans come from? Models of Human Origins Complete Replacement Model Regional Continuity Model Partial Replacement Model Complete Replacement Model (allopatric speciation) Modern humans evolved in Africa and migrated out, replacing archaic populations in Europe and Asia with no gene flow. Proposes anatomically modern populations arose in Africa in the last 200,000 years. They migrated from Africa, completely replacing populations in Europe and Asia. NO INTERBREEDING!!! Does not account for the transition from archaic H. sapiens to modern H. sapiens anywhere except Africa. Regional Continuity Model
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modern humans - Handout for Anthro. 102 Modern Humans...

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