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Quiz Format: - Time: 15 min - Answer all the questions - Closed notes Q1. Classify polymers based on their origin and give an example for each one. (30 pts) Natural polymers: Cotton, silk, wool, protein, starch, cellulose, natural rubber and nucleinic acid. Modified Natural Polymers: cellophane, celluloid, paper, leather, sentetic rubber and rayon staple. Synthetic Polymers : Bakelite, PE, PET, PUR Q2. What are the main differences between thermoplastics and thermosets? (30 pts) Structure: TP: Linear or/and branch; TS: crosslink or/and network TS: Soften when heated and harden when cooled; TP: Harden when heated and does not soften upon subsequent heating Raising temperature; weakens Van der Waals bonds (TP), forms crosslinks between
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