BIO 3350 Unit 5 Review - Bonnie Wilson BIO 3350 Unit 5...

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Bonnie Wilson BIO 3350 Unit 5 Review 1. What is the overall function of the kidneys?: Regulates the inner environment of the body by controlling the water-electrolyte balance and removing nitrogenous wastes. 2. What are the functional units of the kidney?: Nephron. 3. What is the bulk of the energy used for by the kidney?: For active transport of sodium and co-transport of electrolytes and other substances. 4. Describe juxtomedullary nephrons.: Nephrons that penetrate the entire length of the medulla 5. List what is absorbed in the proximal tubule.: Water, electrolytes, glucose and amino acids. 6. The anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) acts on what structure(s) in the kidney?: Distal and Collecting Tubules. 7. What usually causes kidney damage resulting from urinary tract obstruction?: Back pressure and ischemia. 8. What is the most common type of kidney stone in people with urinary tract infections: Magnesium ammonium phosphate. 9. Why is Aspirin not recommended for pain relief in people with gouty arthritis?: Decreases the secretion of uric acid into the renal tubules. 10. How is cranberry or blueberry juice thought to control and prevent UTIs?: Reduction in bacterial adhesion to the epitheial of the urinary tract are reduced. 11. Describe glomerulonephritis.: Inflamation involving the glomerular structures that can lead to kidney failure. Some include bacterial infections and immune diseases. 12.
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BIO 3350 Unit 5 Review - Bonnie Wilson BIO 3350 Unit 5...

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