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[Discussion] - 2 Handout - REVIEW ALL MARKET HYPOTHESIS IS...

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REVIEW A LL _______________________ IS EMBEDDED WITHIN THE VALUE OF THE STOCK IN THE E FFICIENT MARKET HYPOTHESIS . (A) Current information (B) Past information (C) Future information IF THE MONEY IN SUPPLY IS $1000, AND THE AMOUNT DEPOSITED IS $100, WHAT IS THE RESERVE REQUIREMENT RATIO? EXPLAIN BRIEFLY THE CONCEPT OF RESERVE REQUIREMENT RATIO. 1000=100/RRR RRR is 10% WHAT IS THE AGENCY PROBLEM? Conflict of interest between principals/agents CORRECT THE ERRORS IN THE BALANCE SHEET BY REWRITING IT CORRECTLY. DO WHATEVER YOU NEED IN ORDER TO FIX IT. CONVERT YOUR BALANCE SHEET TO COMMON SIZE. Assets Accounts Payable 100 Inventory 100 Cash 200 Intellectual Property 50 Net Fixed Assets 500 Equity Common Stock 50 Liabilities Accounts Recievable 100 Long Term Liabilities 100 Retained Earnings 100 Assets Cash 200 Accounts Receivable 100 Inventory 100 Net Fixed Assets 500 IP 50 Total Assets 950 Liabilities Accounts Payable 50 Long Term Liabilities 100 Equity Common Stock 700 Retained Earnings 100
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[Discussion] - 2 Handout - REVIEW ALL MARKET HYPOTHESIS IS...

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